“In exploring the shared language and poetic sensibilities of all animals, I am working towards rediscovering the common ground that once existed when people lived in harmony with animals. The images depict a world that is without beginning or end, here or there, past or present.” - GREGORY COLBERY, CREATOR OF ASHES AND SNOW

These graceful photographs are from an exhibition called Ashes and Snow by Canadian film-maker and photographer Gregory Colbert. Colbert captures the extraordinary beauty of rare interactions between humans beings and animals. The animal subjects of the photographs include interactions with both wild animals and also those that have been habituated to human contact.

I love these photographs not only for how beautiful they are, but also for their portrayal of the connection between the animals and human beings, showing that we are part of the animal family. If only everyone saw nature like this, that humans are not superior but just another part of this earth, all here to do our part.

The images have such a soothing quality that I thought I would share a few of them here in hope that you may get from the photographs what I do, a little peace.

“I believe the Australian Aboriginals were exploring the same enchantments when they painted animals; they were not interested in merely painting the contours of their bodies. They focused equally on the animal’s interior dream life. The cave paintings of the San from the Kalahari Desert in Africa and the art of other indigenous tribes around the world also demonstrate their ability to look from the inside out. When I started Ashes and Snow in 1992, I set out to explore the relationship between man and animals from the inside out.”

—Gregory Colbert, describing Ashes and Snow as a shared work

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Lei xx