Office Inspiration | Eight Tips


Since moving into our apartment four months ago, I've been looking for inspiration for our office. Whether you work from home or just want to make your office more homey read these tips that inspired my office space! 1. Create your own space

Not everyone is lucky enough to have an office space, ours is the guest room converted into an office. So if you're like us and have to work with what you have, you may decide to set up your office in the most unlikely spaces. Perhaps you have a wide corridor or space underneath your stairs you can make use of and create a little nook. Inspiration can be found in even the smallest of spaces!


2. Make your home office a clutter-free zone

A neat and clutter-free space is essential to be productive and get into the zone. It's so easy in our lives to procrastinate and become distracted by things around us which is why you should kept your office tidy and free from clutter.


3. Surround yourself with inspiring images

A great way to decorate your home office is to create mood boards with images that inspire you. I have fashion illustrations from my favourite artists that I've collected over the years as well as decorative pieces that I've found in each city I've lived in. Placing these items around the room creates an inviting and inspiring work space.


4. Make it homey

Make your home office feel homey and comfortable by putting you stamp on it. Tie in the theme of the rest of your house with similar colour schemes or decorative pieces. You could also add photographs of friends and family to bring the 'home' into your office. However be careful not to make your office too cozy, as it will distract you from work and take away from your concentration and focus.


5. Create an exciting space

Think about what furniture you want in the room before you buy. The office must be practical and comfortable. Invest in furniture you love and will keep for years to come. Key pieces are what it's all about. Create a room that you are excited to work in and the productivity will flow.


6. Add some colour

Colour impacts the way you feel and work in a room so choosing cool paint colours such as blues, purples and green is wise. These shades are soothing and tend to create calm and quiet moods, encouraging concentration. If painting the room is too much small pops of colour work well too to liven up the room.


7. Add some texture

You don’t have to add colour to make an interesting working environment. Add some texture instead with beautiful timber furniture or decor, for example. You can create a stunning space by just adding timber elements in a black and white space or even a pure white space.


8. Think vertically

Vertical hanging space is a creative way of storing your things when you have a tight space. Think of the walls as an extra surface to take advantage of. Try hanging shelves where you can display frames as well as keep your books and files.


Remember it's not just about aesthetics, design your office to be a practical and purposeful space that will be a delight to work in.

What home office tips do you have? Tell me about your home office in the comments!

Images from PinterestGlamour Magazine Spain.

Lei xx