Taste of Perth - A Success!

Taste of Perth was the tastiest place to be this weekend! An incredible 16,376 foodies flocked to Langley Park to be the first to experience the world’s greatest restaurant festival!The winning dish for the 'Best in Taste' Awards was el Público’s 'Cuttlefish Toastada’ dish, judged by some of WA’s toughest food critics. The three most popular dishes throughout the festival were; ‘Rotisserie Suckling Pig Slider’ from Bib & Tucker, ‘Pork Belly’ from Nobu and ‘Lamb Taco’ from el Público. 

And for some stats, by golly Perthians were mighty hungry!

Across the three-day event, guests enjoyed:

  • 1275 portions of Lalla Rookh’s Tortello of Mushroom & Ricotta chestnut butter
  • 2890 meatballs served as part of Lalla Rookh’s Nonna’s Meatballs dish
  • 2000 Crickets in el Público’s Icon Dish of Fired Crickets and Artisan Mezcal
  • 3000 tortillas for el Público’s tacos and toastadas
  • 60kg of octopus of Bib & Tucker’s Charcoal Roasted Fremantle Octopus Icon Dish

I was in foodie heaven walking around the event with so many different choices to eat, drink and taste that it was difficult to decide where to start! Luckily I went with the Eat Club (yes, a club for eating), so we were all willing to try a bit of everything.

We sampled King of Oysters Jerry Fraser's 'Freshly Shucked Oysters' and 'Linley Valley Pork Cheek' from Print Hall Dining Room, the 'Liver Parfait' and 'Roast Pumpkin' from Greenhouse, the 'Lamb Belly' and 'Chorizo Ragu' from No4 Blake Street and from Bib and Tucker, after a long but worthy wait, the 'Ocean Trout Tartare'.

I was tempted to try the Icon Dish from el Público; Fried Crickets and Artisan Mezcal. However my Eat Club buddies were more inclined to spend their Crowns (the currency of Taste of Perth) on a cocktail from Cocktail Gastronomy. And so that was how we ended our night, a cocktail in hand boogying on the crowded dance floor at Rekorderlig Cider Bar's.

Taste festival's first year in Perth was a success! Full of delectable food, delicious drinks and great vibes, I cannot wait until next year's already!


Lei xx