Thirty minutes for July


For July, I am challenging myself to wake up thirty minutes earlier. I will use this 'extra' time as motivation in the morning. Why don't you join me in this challenge, making your otherwise monotonous morning routine something to look forward to!

Here are a few things we could do with those extra thirty minutes that we never seem to have time for.

  • Have a book you've been meaning to get into, but just can't get past page one after a long day's work?
  • Would time with your favourite blogs and a cup of coffee provide some inspiration?
  • Have a blog post of your own you haven't managed to edit?
  • Do you sacrifice a quality breakfast for the sake of taming your mane?
  • Have you been sporting more than your fair share of top-knots? Would a blowout bring new confidence to your business meetings?
  • Maybe your morning is particularly chaotic and a few meditation-guided minutes would bring some zen into the beginning of your day.
  • For many there's the gridlock of a morning commute. Would extra time ahead of the crowd lighten up your bumper to bumper battle?
  • Could a few laughs or inquisitive pauses with a new television show or podcast elevate your mood from gloom to glam?
  • There’s nothing like a good morning sweat – a walk, a jog or some self-guided yoga – to get the blood flowing!

Come on, join me in making your mornings the best part of your day! It’s only 30 minutes for July – and remember, you can take it or leave it after the month has passed!

Use the hashtag #30minutesforjuly!

Lei xx