7 Pieces of Career Advice


I was honoured to be a guest speaker at Curtin University's PR in Fashion event last night. Run by the Public Relations Student Chapter, I was delighted to tell the students and guests my story.

I spoke about my years working in New York City, being photographed by Bill Cunningham, meeting blogger Tavi Gevinson and being interviewed by Cathy Horne, New York Times fashion editor.

Lastly, I told them these seven pieces of career advice:

  1. Follow your dreams and take risks. Even if you fail, at least you have tried.
  2. Get as much experience as you can.
  3. Make contacts. They will help you move forward.
  4. Get your foot in the door. Start in reception first if you have to, show your skills and progress that way.
  5. Help others as others have helped you.
  6. Seize every opportunity, even if it’s a scary one.
  7. Love your job- you'll be much happier for it.

I hope you are following your dreams.

Lei xx

Photo by Nadine Pougnet.