What I learnt from Jimmy Choo

Pippa McManus Illustration

Pippa McManus Illustration


I heard Jimmy Choo, the well-known shoe designer, speak last week at Perth’s Curtin University.

Jimmy, as he likes to be addressed, was a pleasure to listen to. He's humble, wise and down to earth. When he began, Jimmy wanted to learn all aspects of his business; designing the shoe, making it from start to finish and ensuring they were perfect for his customers. By mastering these skills, he knew that he didn’t have to rely on others to make it to where he wanted to go. 

Jimmy Choo is a man who has built up his own empire and is generously willing to share his experience and knowledge with others.

Whether you have your own business or want to start one, here's what I learnt from Jimmy Choo.


1.     Work hard. You may have talent, but without hard work, you won't succeed.

2.     Be easy to get along with and work alongside. By gaining this reputation, people continue to want to work with you and build relationships.

3.     Respects your elders. Jimmy said that by respecting your parents and elders, respect will naturally flow into all other parts of your life as well.

4.     Be sincere. People will know when you are not being sincere. Gain people’s trust, it’s the best way to build relationships that will benefit you and your work.

5.     Pay it forward. Pass on your skills to the younger generations, don’t keep it for yourself, share your knowledge with others.

6.     Believe in yourself. While there is always someone out there more successful than you, believe in yourself and you will get there eventually.

7.     Be patient. Take the time to learn and master the skill.

8.     Have passion, without passion it will only seem like a job. Jimmy said “It’s not just about shoes for me, making shoes is a passion.“

9.    And simply, be humble.

Lei xx