Evo saving ordinary humans from themselves™

I have been using supermarket bought shampoo and conditioner for years. I never paid much attention to what I was buying, putting in my hair or what was going down the drain. Whatever smelt good would do.

It was only when I tried Evo Hair products I realised what I was missing out on - gorgeous, shiny, healthy, happy hair and luxurious product that also respected the environment. It ticked all the boxes!

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Evo Hair's catch phrase 'saving ordinary humans from themselves' really sums up the brand and product. They're individual, witty and honest. They seek to manufacture professional salon beauty and hair products without the fluff and most importantly, without sulphate, paraben, dea, tea and propylene glycol in their ingredients. I'm not sure about you but I find it refreshing and comforting knowing that what I'm putting in my hair is also less damaging to the environment.

The Evo product range is extensive, just take a look for yourself....

Currently, these are my favourites:

  • My hair has dry days and oily days so I use Normal Persons Daily Shampoo to balance my hair and scalp.
  • I match the shampoo with Therapist Calming Conditioner to chill the frizz and enhance shine.
  • The Water Killer Dry Shampoo is for days that I can't be bothered to wash my hair. Saves time. Saves water. Also can be used for styling purposes. 
  • Salty Dog Salt Spray is my go-to product after towel drying my hair. It creates the salty beach textured matte look.
  • Moisture Mask  is the perfect spa treatment for your locks. The ultimate pamper time conditioning and moisturising hair in 5 minutes.

Lei xx

This product is like a patient friend, gently combing out the knots in your hair while another friend lays petals upon the ground to soften your walk to the morning bus
— The Great Hydrator, moisture mask by EVO

Credits: Thanks to Evo for saving me from myself...