The Art of Transeasonal Dressing

Spring is just three weeks away. The days are becoming longer, the sun’s rays are warmer and change is in the air. As we transition from chilly winter into sunnier spring it’s the time to perfect your in-between weather dressing.

Transeasonal Dressing Outfit post Fashion Blogger Lei Lady lei

Melburnians seem to do transeasonal extremely well. With the possibility of four seasons in one day, you need to be prepared for sun, showers and last minute hail storms otherwise you’ll get caught out, which many of us have been I’m sure.

If you’re a Melburnian, you may already do this naturally, but I’m here to remind you about the art of transeasonal dressing.

Transeasonal outfits Lei Lady Lei Blogger Fashion

I did this shoot in Melbourne with my friend and talented photographer Grace Robinson. It was a bright winter day and I was off to the Melbourne International Film Festival.

To match this half winter/ half spring day, I wore a Tsumori Chisato silk dressblack leather jacket and Laurence Dacade boots. I tucked a cashmere sweater into my bag for later on in the night and an umbrella-- just in case. It was the ideal outfit for the day adding that rare pop of colour to the ocean of black in Melbourne’s CBD. Luckily I didn’t need to use the umbrella...

Grace Robinson Transeasonal outfits
Transeasonal Dressing Outfit post Fashion Blogger Lei Lady lei
Transeasonal Dressing Outfit post Fashion Blogger Lei Lady lei

By mixing your summer and winter wardrobes you get longevity out of your pieces. Admittedly, it’s much harder to wear winter pieces in the warmer months. You don’t exactly want to be wearing a pair of wool trousers when it’s sweltering outside, but summer skirts, tops and dresses definitely work for the transeasonal months. Wear floaty skirts with your chunky winter knits, long coats over a lightweight jumpsuit or summery dresses with boots. Even a pair of block-heel sandals work well with a knit and woolen culottes. Experiment with your style, mix and match and have fun with new looks.

For style inspiration, check out my personal style Pinterest board.

Lei xx

Photography by Grace Robinson