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SBS On Demand, your summer escape button

SBS On Demand, your summer escape button

At this time of year we all need time-out. Time to ourselves, time to unwind with no plans but the open day ahead - oh how blissful that sounds!

The social calendar approaching the end of the year has been hectic. It is my own fault - I have a hard time with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) - my mind and body are in need of a good rest.

I find the perfect way to relax on my own and with family is by watching entertaining and provocative television and films that offer an escape from reality, without dulling the mind. SBS On Demand offers exactly that. The free streaming service has excellent, quality foreign and local shows, something for everybody's taste. Their new Summer Escape programs is the ultimate escape this holiday season.

I was immediately drawn to French comedy Beautiful Loser. I lost myself in this sweet yet hysterical, and at times cringe-worthy but too-good-to-stop-watching comedy, while also practising my rusty French.

Beautiful Loser is about thirty-one year old Julien. He is broke, unemployed and moving back to his hometown to live with his mother. Still acting like a teenager, his life has not quite gone as planned. We follow him through awkward, yet charming moments as he tries to get a job and rendezvous with his old love and friends.

At twenty-two minutes each episode, it is a delightful show that will have you laughing from the get-go. At least that is how I was!

My husband and I have begun watching Berlin Station together. Intriguing and thrilling, this international fast-paced spy series is the perfect escape.

The synopsis: Daniel Miller an undercover agent who has just arrived at the CIA foreign station in Berlin, Germany. Miller is tasked with the mission to determine the identity of a now-famous whistle-blower named Thomas Shaw. It is a nail biter, great to watch with your parents.

Without much on this holiday break but beach and downtime, I am looking forward to watching the films on SBS On Demand. Boy, Carol, 2 Days In Paris and The Kids Are Alright are a few of my favourites now available.

High-quality, entertaining, provocative and gripping, SBS consistently serves up intelligent and enjoyable Australian and world-class films and series'. Not the typical mind-numbing television you find elsewhere, press play this season and escape into another world with SBS On Demand.

Lei xx

SBS On Demand

SBS On Demand

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