Face Masks For That Youthful Glow

As we get older, we reminisce about the youthful glow we all took for granted in our younger years. Thanks to advancing skincare, there are products which help maintain or restore that radiant look. Here are two that I trialled.


The first is Estée Lauder's new Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask. I have used the Advanced Night Repair Serum before and I loved it, so I was looking forward to trying the new Estée Lauder eye mask. It's infused with the Advanced Night Repair technology they are well known for.

The mask is simple to apply. Press the liquid chamber to break seal, which releases the formula onto the pads. Then massage the formula onto the pads. Open the packet and separate the pads (discarding the divider) and apply one under each eye. Leave them on for 10 minutes and pat in remaining serum. 

After the relaxing 10 minutes, my eyes felt refreshed and skin looked brighter and plumper. It was the perfect way to end a long day.

Estée Lauder's new Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask

Estée Lauder's new Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask

24k gold face and eye mask by Marina's Ambrosia

The second product was 24k Gold Face Mask by Marina's Ambrosia. I have been a fan of this natural cosmetics Perth brand for a few years but I have only ever tried the gold eye masks. 

The 24K Active Gold products are unique. They're combined with deep sea fish collagen and hyaluronic acid with anti-ageing properties. The Vitamin C and CoQ10 help the skin absorb the gold. Unlike other face and eye masks, the 24k mask can be worn while you sleep. Overnight the hydrating nutrients absorb into the skin and when you wake there is only a fine layer of mask remaining.

The results of the 24k gold mask after one use are instant. My skin was visibly softer and felt subtler and hydrated.

Thank you Estée Lauder and Marina's Ambrosia for letting me trial the products.

Lei xx