"Buy less" -Vivienne Westwood.

Today we celebrate #EarthDay2018. This year's theme is to End plastic Pollution. 

I don't know about you, but any time I use a plastic bag, even a biodegradable one, because I forgot my shopping bags, I feel guilty. I am constantly aware about how much plastic I consume and do my best to reduce, refuse and recycle where I can.

You too can do your bit for the environment by switching to reusable plastics. Here are some tips below:

  1. Change from plastic water bottles to a refillable container.
  2. Say no to coffee cups and start your collection of keep cups.
  3. Grocery bags: leave them in your car, have a compact one for your handbag to use on last minute shopping trips
  4. Usable Mesh fruit bags in place of plastic fruit bags
  5. Purchase beeswax container covers to replace the cling wrap
  6. Buy a bamboo toothbrush (order them FREE here and only pay for shipping)
  7. Say no to plastic straws
  8. Pick up trash, especially plastics whenever you see it
  9. Participate in organised clean-up activities
  10. Research products on the internet and choose not to buy products containing microbeads, buy products that have natural exfoliators instead
  11. Consider changing the way you wash your clothing to reduce the number of microfibres that are released. There are bags and other devices you can use in your washing machine to collect the fibres such as this one
  12. Consider purchasing items made of natural fibres, when possible
  13. Do not wash off lint from your dryer down the drain. Dispose of it on the trash

Leave a comment below and let me know what else you're doing to End Plastic Pollution.

#EarthDay2018 #EndPlasticPollution

Lei xx