Beauty Note of the Month: August (psst, it's all about the Dyson Hairdryer)

In this beauty note of the month, I thought I would write about the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer and whether it is all the hype it's meant to be. Keep reading to find out if I think it's worth the money.

Dyson Hairdryer Review Lei Lady Lei
Dyson Hairdryer Review Lei Lady Lei

It seems that everything Dyson touches turns cool. Think of a vacuum, probably the most unsexy product on the planet - but Dyson revolutionises it and bam - it's cool.

I personally am obsessed with my Dyson stick vacuum cleaner. I bought the V8 Animal last year and I am super proud of it. Yes, I am talking about my vacuum here. I’m not a lover of cleaning by any means, but you will find me at any time of the day (noise permitting) with my Dyson, vacuuming every nook and cranny of cat fur I can find.

So when Dyson launched their Supersonic Hairdryer in 2016 you can imagine how much hype it brought with it. Everyone was keen to know what it is like and whether it is really worth the $499AUD price tag.

I was lucky enough to receive one to trial and I can honestly say I am in love! I previously owned a Parlux which I purchased from for $180 about five years ago. It’s a fantastic hairdryer and still going strong. But the Dyson adds another level to hair drying. It’s light to hold, super fast drying and calms the hair rather than making it frizz.

The powerful airflow means that drying doesn't need to rely only on heat which in turn results in less damage to your hair. It comes with three magnetic styling tools, including two types of concentrator nozzle for smoother, shinier styling and a diffuser for curly hair. The body is matte, similar to the matte vacuum body, so I find it scratches easily. It seems silly to worry about scratches on your hair dryer, let along your vacuum but I like to keep my belongings in good nick.

As you can tell I am a massive fan. I think the Dyson Hairdryer is worth every penny. It is on the pricey side, especially for a hair dryer (although guaranteed for two years) so I recommend asking for it for your birthday or adding it to your Christmas list.

Will you be adding it to your Christmas list this year?

Lei xx

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The Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer was gifted to me, however this post was unpaid. All of these opinions are my own.