Pregnancy Style Tips

One thing I told to myself when falling pregnant was that I didn’t want to change my style just because of my growing bump. Instead I set-out to embrace my changing shape and I ended up loving the challenge of “shopping my own wardrobe” to see if and how my existing pieces would fit.

I have been lucky to have a reasonable size bump that I could wear a lot of my normal clothes even until now at the 37 week mark. In saying that, I believe that if shopping smart, you don’t need to buy much maternity-specific clothing even if you have changed shape over the course of your pregnancy.

Read on for my pregnancy style tips…

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  • Buy nothing for as long as you can, and wear what you have until the last possible moment.

  • Buy things slowly if need be. Your body changes each month so remember that and buy things that will last you your whole pregnancy.

  • Go up a size if needed.

  • Buy only a few maternity basics, for example maternity leggings and bras, and combine them with your regular clothing. You will get use out of these after your pregnancy as well.

  • Comfort is key - While style is important, I quickly learnt that if I wore something was too tight or uncomfortable, I would be in discomfort all day so remember comfort is key!

  • Explore your existing wardrobe like I did for unexpectedly bump-friendly pieces

  • Don’t hesitate to go through your partner’s wardrobe too (if they let you) or shop the men’s department. They’re comfortable, effortless, and uber chic.

  • Stretchy undies are a must. I prefer the over the bump styles. Not so stylish, but ultra-comfortable!

  • Maternity bras are the one item that is a must. Purchase your maternity/feeding bras from affordable stores such as Target or Kmart.

  • Not wanting to flaunt the bump? Wear your blazers open, people might not even tell that you are pregnant!

  • For weddings and special events rent a designer dress from websites like All the Dresses instead of investing in one. Opt for a-line styles that fit around the bust and then fall loosely around the waist and stomach. Wrap and jersey styles also flatter the bump.

  • As I mentioned above, save your maternity clothes, don’t throw them out straight after your baby is born.

There are lots of beautiful pieces from non-maternity brands that suit the preggy belly perfectly. Here are some of my suggestions below:

My favourite non-maternity brands for styling the bump are:

  • COS - the relaxed fit of many of their pieces are perfect for styling the bump. I purchased a pair of their elasticated waist pants, a recommendation from a previously pregnant friend, and have been comfortably wearing them throughout my pregnancy. They come in black, navy and olive, they are high-waisted with an elasticated waist which means you can pull them up across your bump and it’s comfortable. They are stretchy in the leg also but have a more defined look than just a pair of leggings which makes them perfect for work. I highly recommend them!

  • Zara for on-trend styles and basics

  • Uniqlo - I recently picked up these Uniqlo U oversized shirts. They’re simple and stylish as well as comfortable.

  • Lee Matthews - for a splurge or perhaps a baby shower outfit, pop into Lee Matthews for beautiful floaty silk dresses and shirts, perfect for now and later.

For those corporate workers, there are still many silhouettes you can purchase from non-maternity stores that will fit and flatter. My advice would be invest in beautiful blazers and style these over knit and jersey dresses and a-line dress silhouettes.

For more pregnancy style inspiration, visit my Pinterest board.