VISION Magazine China

VISION is a leading art and fashion magazine showcasing the international visual art, fashion and culture to Chinese readers. With its unique visual expression, VISION has seen tremendous development of the Chinese creative industry since 2002, exerting great influence on the new talents in fashion, art and design in China.

Thought provoking, sensational and unique, VISION magazine breaks the barrier between reality and a dream world.


Image 1 and 2. Photographer Danil Golovkin, Stylist Masha Mombelli, Illustration Ashkan Honarvar, Editor Zhao Qian


Image 3. Text & editor Zhao Qian photo courtesy of Ivana Damjanovic, Sarah Ryan & Justyna Pacewicz


Image 4. Photographer 小刚@ TRUNK STUDIO stylist Ivy HuEditor Ujin Zhao


Image 5. Photographer Yin Chao

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