Not What it Seems


Some things are not what they seem, especially when it comes to dressing. You can make an outfit your own if you wear it in an unexpected way, play with proportions or try man style dressing. Or try what I did with this dress and reverse it.

Since I wore my Materialbyproduct dresshere, I had a play with how else it could be worn. It's a wrap dress so I tried tying it differently, behind rather than in front but when I reversed it, the dress came into its own.

Reversed, the dress has a completely different look. The interesting draping at the hem adds edge, the split back (now front, that I've stitched down) adds a slight amount of sexiness. I have worn the dressed reversed more than not now and actually have come to prefer it like that.

Here I've worn it with some of my Closet ClassicsCountry Road trench coat, Betts shoes, sunglasses from Sportsgirl and my vintage Chanel bag from the 80's.

What have you worn in an unexpected way? I'd love to hear from you!


Shot in Melbourne CBD.

Lei xx