S&S and the Art of Mixing Prints


In recent years, the art of mixing prints has been seen on catwalks, collections and fashion magazines around the world. It is an intimidating style to master, but when done right, it looks incredible. One fashion designer who mixes prints extremely well is half-Haitian, half-Italian model turned designer Stella Jean, as you can see from her Spring Summer 2013 and Spring Summer 2014 collections. Another pair of designers who have mastered the art of mixing prints are local favourites S&S by Shreeja and Shweta. Their use of colours, prints and patterns is divine. They showcased their pieces at Runway for a Cause charity event on the weekend supporting Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth. At the show I took note of how they styled their pieces and from that I came up with these three important things to consider when mixing prints.

1. Consider colours. To avoid clashing colours, stick to the same colour family, varying the shades.

2. Consider proportions. Small prints are the most flattering for all body shapes plus they are easier to style.

3. Consider silhouettes. Keeping shapes and silhouettes classic and tradition is best especially when working with bigger prints.

I have always steered clear of mixing prints but after seeing how S&S did it, I believe I am up for the challenge.

What about you? Are you already a master of mixing prints or are you up for the challenge?


Take a look at S&S by Shreeja and Shweta's website.

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Lei xx