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6 Style Lessons I Learnt from Living in New York City

You will have seen me write countless times on the blog how New York City changed my style. Perhaps I was exposed in my formative style years (23-25 years-old). Or perhaps because I was away from all I knew - friends, family, home - that I took in everything I saw and wasn't afraid to be and dress as who I wanted to be.

Whether you have experienced New York or not, here are 8 style lessons the big apple taught me that might inspire your style too.

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7 Ways To Master Parisian Chic

That certain...Je ne sais quoi. Parisian women are known for it. They have a quality you cannot quite put your finger on but you know it when you see it. They stand out from the crowd. Not just because of how they dress, but because they exude intelligence, confidence, style and sophistication.

There are few ways to achieve your own je ne sais quoi by following some of the things French women do.

Keep reading to find out how to master Parisian chic.

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