Cities that have left a lasting impression


I have travelled my fair share of places around the world, but only a handful of cities have left a lasting impression on me. For some of these cities, it's the way the light hits the side of an old stone building in the city square, or how the locals laugh and carry on in a language that is foreign to me but I somehow understand every word they are saying. Or when you get that feeling that you have visited a place before, but you never actually have.

Here are a few of those cities that have made a lasting impression on me and the reasons why they have stayed with me long after I've left them.

Melbourne: My beloved hometown

Melbourne combines three of my favourite things; food, fashion and culture. I love the European feel of the city and mixed with the laid-back Aussie lifestyle, it really is the perfect combination.

No wonder Melbourne's named World's Most Liveable City, again and again. I'm so proud!


New York City: My second home and favourite city in the world

The buzz of the city is like nowhere else in the world, it's infectious.

It is said that New York City is the city that never sleeps. It's true. But the New York I know, loves napping in the summer sun in Sheep Meadow, Central Park, loves brunching at 2pm with a Bloody Mary in hand and loves roaming the streets, with no destination in mind.


Photo by @visualmemories_

Paris: The Historic past

Paris has always been the City of Lights for me, rather than the City of Love. I lived there for a year when I was eighteen. I worked as an au pair and although it was an incredible experience, it was a lonely year.

What amazed me about this gorgeous city, during my days wandering the city, was the history the city has lived through. The fact that I was tracing the same steps as many had for centuries before me was mind-boggling.

This October I am venturing back to Paris, but this time with my love. I know this time, Paris will become the City of Love for me.


Photo by A Minute Away From Snowing

Which cities have made a last impression on you?

Lei xx