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Cities that have left a lasting impression

I have travelled my fair share of places around the world, but only a handful of cities have left a lasting impression on me. For some of these cities, it's the way the light hits the side of an old stone building in the city square, or how the locals laugh and carry on in a language that is foreign to me but I somehow understand every word they are saying. Or when you get that feeling that you have visited a place before, but you never actually have.

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50 Important Lessons New York City Taught Me -Forbes Magazine

Reflecting upon the anniversary of September 11th, 2001, I stumbled across this Forbes Magazine article. It is a wonderful reflection upon the great city, with all its quirks, buzz and magic that it is known for. For those who live in New York, have lived there, such as myself, or those who dream of one day living there, I would definitely recommend reading it. It brought a smile to my lips and a twinkle to my eye thinking about the place. Unsurprisingly many of these lessons translate to not only New York City but to life in general and other cities as well. Take a moment to read it and perhaps you will learn something too.

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New York: Lower East Side Explorer

New York City is similar to a living organism, constantly changing and adapting. Tourists come to visit this city wanting to see it all but in reality they barely scratch the surface

So from living in the Lower East Side for the past year, I give you my guide to the neighborhood I call home and my favorite places I have discovered while walking to pick up my laundry, getting my daily coffee fix or searching for Tim Tams on a rainy afternoon.

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Watching It Pour

Watching the rain from my local perch at my local cafe this dreary Thursday fills me with guilty pleasure. When it is pouring out, I don't feel so bad for staying in, for taking frequent naps, watching film after film, or perusing the web for hours. While escaping the rain, I came across these images of beauty, magic and dreams. They have kept the sun shining for me even if it isn't outside.

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