Gusto Gelato, happiness with every spoonful


It's not everyday you have the opportunity to partake in a gelato masterclass, especially with a man who has learnt his craft from Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna. Yes, you heard right, Gelato University does exist and yes, I have researched how to apply.

One Saturday morning a group of bloggers and myself were invited behind-the-scenes of the new Gusto Gelato in Leederville. Here we were shown the art of the perfect gelato by owner Sean Lee.

As well as a lot of love, passion and gusto, everything that goes into the Lee's gelato is fresh, fresh, fresh. He uses seasonal fruits, local milk and cream, homemade pastes and ingredients using the true Italian methods for authenticity. No commercial bases, pastes or artificial flavours or colours are used.

Never will you meet a man more in love with gelato and what he does. Sean got goosebumps while telling us about the Italian family who visit him every night for gelato since he opened early November. It's that sort of passion and love for life that many people lack.

You will not be disappointed in Gusto Gelato, it's a taste of Italian gelato at it's finest!


Gusto Gelato

741 Newcastle Street, Leederville,

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Western Australia, Australia 6007

Lei xx