Le Gucci Smoking Suit

I found Le Smoking suit that makes me feel like a Bond-girl.

Tucked away in a second-hand designer store in Paris, I found Le Gucci Smoking suit that makes me feel like a Bond girl.

A classic two-button dinner jacket and mannish trousers featuring a satin side-stripe, I felt invincible as soon as I tried it on. It's not often you find a piece of clothing that makes you feel like that.

First created in 1966 by the famous couturier Yves Saint Laurent, Le Smoking tuxedo suit empowered women. It gave them the option to wear clothes that were normally worn by men with influence and power.

Minimalist and androgynous, my Gucci Smoking suit makes me feel like a modern-day heroine.

Every woman should own a Smoking suit. It will become a go-to classic for whenever you want to feel empowered.

Le Smoking was a controversial statement of femininity – a sexuality that did not rely on ruffles or exposed skin, but instead smouldered beneath the sharp contours of a perfectly cut jacket and trouser.
— Another Mag
For a woman, Le Smoking is an indispensable garment with which she finds herself continually in fashion, because it is about style, not fashion. Fashions come and go, but style is forever.
— Yves Saint Laurent

Photography by PreciousS2 Photography