In the lead up to the Spring Racing Carnival, it was the perfect time to take these images out of the archive and turn our attention to dressing for the races.

When it comes to choosing your outfits, begin with the basics and a classic Little Black Dress (LBD) is an ideal place to start. 

Don't let labels trick you by saying 'this is the perfect LBD, it's the only one you need' because it's completely untrue! LBD's come in so many styles, lengths and materials that you cannot own enough in my eyes.

I found this Dion Lee dress at Adam Heath. When I shop, I run through my five rules. The result? An educated choice that I won't regret later on.

Lei's Shopping Rules:

  1. This piece looks great first try and I feel great in it = BUY IT
  2. I can style it with other pieces in my wardrobe = BUY IT
  3. I can afford it (lay-by is an option) = BUY IT
  4. This piece is a classic, not just on-trend and I will be able to wear it for seasons to come = BUY IT
  5. I'm talking myself into loosing weight, getting it altered or adding accessories to make it look good = DON'T BUY IT

If after all of these rules I'm still not sure, I walk out of the store. However if I keep thinking about the piece for days afterwards = GO BACK AND BUY IT.

As you can see, the Dion Lee dress passed with flying colours.

Do you follow a similar set of rules or routine when shopping? If not, perhaps try these tips and put them to use when searching for your race day outfits. You may end up with a classic piece, not a one hit wonder.

Happy shopping!

Dion Lee Lei Lady Lei
Dion Lee Lei Lady Lei