In Melbourne we wear black

Balmain x H&M Lei Lady Lei
"Women who wear black lead colourful lives." —Neiman Marcus
Balmain x H&M Lei Lady Lei
Balmain x H&M Lei Lady Lei
Balmain x H&M Lei Lady Lei
Balmain x H&M Lei Lady Lei

Where did the Melbourne all-black dressing come from? Is it the cool, mysterious vibe black emanates that matches our city so well? Is it that the colour signifies elegance, sophistication and strength that is empowering to the wearer? 

Perhaps it comes down to the convenience of dressing, the ease of layering with black. Or is it simply because of the weather, being caught in a sudden downpour in a white t-shirt is never a good look.

Whatever the reason, black has always been a part of Melbourne's style.

Here are my tips for wearing black like a Melburnian:

1. Mix textures and materials to keep your outfit interesting. Wearing leather with silk or cotton with jacquard will add depth to your look.

2. Make friends with your tailor. Fit is very important. A $50 pair of trousers can make you look $1 million dollars when they fit well so invest in well-fitting garments or your tailor.

3. Layer high street, designer and vintage pieces together. Incorporating pieces of all price points will make your outfit look more expensive than it may be.

4. Don't be afraid to add subtle touches of colour in the form of lipstick or nail polish. It's all you need to take your look from day to night.

Lei xx

Wearing: Balmain x H&M leather jacket, Balmain x H&M t-shirt, Gucci tuxedo trousers, Senso 'Vale' sandals.

Photography by Nadine Pougnet from The Essentialist.