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MAC Cosmetics Lei Lady Lei

There is something about red lipstick. It brings confidence, strength to your stride and a glow to your face. Although it is part of the beauty set, red lipstick is a true staple of feminine style.

MAC Cosmetics' Ruby Woo, a retro-matte best-seller, has been a go-to of mine since I saw my friend wearing it in New York. She is half-Asian, like me, but has beautiful olive skin from her Korean heritage. I never thought that the vibrant colour could look as good on my fair skin as it did on hers. But it did. Ruby Woo gave me an inner confidence that any piece of clothing would work hard to beat. Since that moment four years ago, Ruby Woo has been my forever red. Until last weekend when I discovered a new hue.

Russian Red

Also from MAC Cosmetic, Russian Red is another classic created by the beauty brand. Most beauty lovers know and wear this shade themselves. It, along with Ruby Woo, is one shade which suits everybody no matter the skin tone and hair colour.

Many might think that a vivid hue would be hard to wear. But once you find the right shade for you, it is the easiest thing to reach for when you want to freshen up. Have a trial of Russian Red or Ruby Woo next time you are at a MAC store. I'm sure you will find your inner goddess as well.

Lei xx

MAC Cosmetics Lei Lady Lei


  1. With red lipstick it's nice to brush on highlighter (I love Soft & Gentle) to the cupid's bow and half way down each side of the top lip. Highlighter will give your lips definition.

  2. Apply Prep + Prime to your lips and slightly beyond the lip line. It will keep your lipstick from running.

  3. Use your lip pencil (with Russian Red, I use Cherry lipliner) and begin to create a shape on the cupids bow. Once you have outlined the lips, fill in your lips with the colour. This will ensure that when your lipstick comes off, you won't be left with a line around your lips.

  4. Apply the lipstick.

  5. If you want a different hue or shade, draw on a red shade lip pencil over the top of your lipstick. For example, you could draw on Ruby Woo Lip Pencil on top of your Russian Red lipstick and it would create a new colour altogether. For a pinker hue, draw on a pink pencil. You could also try the ombre lip look and colour only the outside of the lips with the pencil. Have a play around and see the result!

MAC Cosmetics Lei Lady Lei
MAC Cosmetics Lei Lady Lei

Wearing: Russian Red - MAC Cosmetics, Scanlan Theodore wide leg denim jeans, vintage silk shirt, 324 New York red bag.