The Evolution of the Mac

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The history and evolution of a garment is a part of fashion that I personally find fascinating. I love discovering the origin, what its original purpose was and how it has changed over time to suit our needs, taste and trends.

The waterproof Mackintosh is one item which only recently entered my wardrobe. And like many pieces of clothing, it has an interesting origin. 

The Origin

The first waterproof rain coat was invented by Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh in 1923. Macintosh discovered that when he merged two fabrics together and coated them in liquid rubber, he created a waterproof piece of material. 

While Macintosh invented the first true raincoat, he couldn't keep up with production demand. In 1930, Macintosh took on Thomas Hancock, an inventor from Manchester also experimenting with rubber sealants on fabrics, as a partner. Together they turned Macintosh’s original design into the 'Mackintosh' we know today. Mackintosh were the official supplier of jackets for the British army, railroads and police departments. They were also a welcome addition to the British wardrobe and their rain drenched seasons.

The Evolution

Other brands began making macs after seeing the success Mackintosh. Morphing over time to suit trends and modern ways, macs now come in many shapes, sizes, lengths and prints. While the original can set you back over $1000, there are macs offered on the market for a varied range of prices and, at times, questionable qualities.

My Mac

This gorgeous Dalmatian printed mac is from Boden Clothing. While it is not the original 'Mackintosh', it is beautifully well-made and gorgeous. With a waterproof outer layer (an essential for a mac), padded lining and an internal pocket, it's the perfect rainy day essential. I ordered my true size, an 8. The sleeves are long (I do have short arms) but it will fit a sweater under it nicely without being too snug.

My new mac will be the perfect travel accompaniment on my trip to Italy in March. The weather will be mild during the day, reaching around 15 degrees Celsius while dropping to a low of 2 degrees Celsius.

Put a mac on your wishlist. It's perfect for trans-seasonal weather, especially the four seasons in one day we have here in Melbourne!

Lei xx

Boden mac lei lady lei
Boden Clothing LeiLadyLei
Boden Clothing LeiLadyLei

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