A little update from me

The Fold Swim Shoot. Shot February 9, 6 weeks pregnant.

The Fold Swim Shoot. Shot February 9, 6 weeks pregnant.

I was never one of those girls who dreamed about having children. Sure, I knew I wanted them at some point. But also knew that I wanted to live my life, have my independence and was too 'selfish' to give my time to a little person. For the moment at least.

I recall one year ago, I was having what I would call an 'aversion' to having children. Perhaps it was due to the internal pressure of the 'ticking clock', or perhaps it was because of the amount of people asking me when I was having children. Whatever the reason, I would go into defensive mode as soon as the topic was raised.

Fast-forward one year, I'm six months pregnant and very excited for the baby to arrive.

Wow how time changes things.

I'm constantly surprised by my changing body. It's incredible what it's capable of. I have been lucky that I've had a dream pregnancy, so far at least. No nausea or illness, only fatigue in the first trimester.

As hormones kicked in earlier this year my focus also changed drastically. Prior to becoming pregnant my focus was all about my blog and photography business. I would happily push myself each day. I would wake up at 5:40am to go to the gym. 6:40am I would be home make myself a coffee and blog until I needed to get ready for full-time work. On my lunch hour I would blog, shoot content or answer collaboration enquiries. After work, I would blog/create content if I wasn't attending an event.

But as soon as I fell pregnant in January, I slowed right down. I hardly had the energy to post on Instagram let alone create content and blog. My body was telling me I needed to take a step back and chill. Growing a human is not an easy job.

Now at six months pregnant, my energy is back, not 100% but a lot more than the first few months. My motivation for my photography and blog is also gaining momentum. I have launched my photography website www.leileiclavey.com - check it out if you’re interested! While I am becoming more active, I am still listening to my body. When it says rest, I rest.

Pregnancy is magical, I am loving every moment of it. I can't wait to meet the little dumpling when he enters the world in early October. I hear from other mothers that I won't know what hit me but I am certainly looking forward to the adventure.

Lei xx