My thoughts on Period Panties

Note: if you get squeamish reading about periods/ menstrual cycles etc, this post isn’t for you…

For the last year I’ve been using period panties. I care about the environment and hated that every month I was contributing to the huge amount of waste with tampons and pads so I decided to try them out.

After first hearing about period panties, it shocked me that no one else had thought about this genius idea earlier. I wasn’t game enough to try the menstrual cup but underwear was an easy option to trial and adopt in my wardrobe.

What are period panties?

Period panties are washable, reusable underwear which absorb your period (up to 2 tampons full). They are a more sustainable solution than single-use disposable products. They can replace pads, tampons, liners and cups or worn with tampons and cups for extra protection. They have moisture wicking technology which neutralises bad odours and bacteria so no need to worry!

The Trial

To start off, I bought two pairs of Thinx underwear - the Hiphugger (for heavy days) and Sport (for medium days). Thinx is an America brand who first brought out the period panties in 2014. Their branding is spot on, their use of models is inspiring and their underwear is stylish. They are a high price-point ($35 - $50aud per pair) but the environment is worth it.

Two pairs of underwear for one menstrual cycle isn’t enough so I purchased another two pairs from the Australian brand ModiBodi. I wanted to compare quality and also support an Aussie brand. My cycle is four days in length so four pairs are enough for me to get through.

My Thoughts

Both Thinx and ModiBodi worked excellently! I fell in love with my new found sustainable routine. The ease of wearing the underwear during my cycle was brilliant, I loved that I wasn’t contributing to waste and cleaning them was so simple.

While both brands worked equally, I prefer Thinx for the style and cut of their underwear - they looked more flattering. However the elastic waistband on the Thinx Hiphugger started to pull and unravel after only a few cycles. This was disappointing but I believe Thinx have fixed this according to their website.

If style doesn’t matter to you as much, I would support Aussie brand Modi Bodi. They are cheaper when you consider shipping costs too.

My Verdict

I love, love, love my period panties!! They are well worth the money, I'm being kind to my planet and I hope I have convinced you to give them a try as well!


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6 Questions friends have asked me about period panties:

  1. Does it feel like you’re wearing a nappy? No it doesn’t. They are padded due to the several layers they need to work their magic but they feel secure and comfortable. Don't fret they don't feel bulky underneath your clothes.

  2. Do you need to wear tampons with them as well? My cycle is reasonably light so I don’t have to wear tampons with the period underwear however everyone is different. If you have a heavy cycle you may choose to wear a tampon as well as the period underwear for that extra protection/fear of leakage.

  3. Do I need to wear them everyday of my whole cycle? Not at all. You still may choose to wear tampons/cups/pads during the day and use the underwear at nighttime to replace pads. You are still doing a great thing for our earth!

  4. How many pairs do I need? I purchased one for every day of my typical cycle length. This was enough as I could wear a fresh pair overnight and wash the other in time for day four. If you have a heavier periods, you may decide to buy more. Seven pairs is a safe amount so you still feel secure. Note: The brands recommend trying them for the first time at home so you can see how they best work for your flow.

  5. They’re expensive! Is it worth it? While it is an expense straight-up, it’s worth it over time. I would say after one and a half year of use I will need to replace mine so it works out to be much cheaper than purchasing disposable items each month.

  6. How do I care for my underwear? After use, rinse in cold water. Then put them in the laundry basket ready for the next load. When you’re ready to wash put them in a laundry bag on a cold-wash in the washing machine. Avoid fabric softener as it will remove the function of the underwear. Then hang dry then reuse and repeat!

I would love to hear your thoughts about period panties or moon cups, whether you’ve tried them and what you think! Comment below.

Lei xx