Beauty Note of the Month: July

Here's what I'm trialing in from the beauty cabinet this month.

Beauty items of the month

As a beauty blogger, I receive products weekly, sometimes daily. When a product impresses me, it ends up on my Instagram or blog. I am always honest about products I am trialling. Even if it's a sponsored post, there is no point promoting a product that is no good or doesn't do what it claims to do.  That would diminishes my authenticity and integrity as well as your trust in me.

So below are some products that I have been trialling this month and the verdict on why I like them or why I don't.


Mascara Vinyl Couture by YSL

YSL Mascara Lei Lady Lei Blog

A pet hate of mine is clumping mascara. I have the habit of picking off all clumps, sometimes with my lashes attached, terrible I know! YSL’s new Mascara Vinyl Couture goes on wet, drying quickly leaving the lashes super sleek with no clumping. While it coats the lashes perfectly, I find it comes off by the end of the day, so I have to reapply before I go out for dinner. It's the not end of the world that it doesn't last all day, but I do prefer my mascara to stays on all day. I am wearing the I'm the Unpredictable Burgundy, perfect for green or hazel eyes.

The Verdict: I really love the weightlessness of this mascara and the colour is lovely but I have other mascaras that I prefer. I recommend it to you if you like a light, barely there coating of mascara.

LA MER Foundation

La Mer Foundation Lei Lady Lei Blog

A luxury product for sure, the La Mer range is delectable and divine. I first tried my grandmother's Creme de la Mer and fell in love with the smell, the story of the brand (read about it here), and the feel of the cream on my skin. Years later I am working with the luxe brand trialing their beauty products and I could not be happier about it. Since the launch of their foundation, The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation and Luminous Lifting Cushion, I had wanted to try it out. Just like their skincare, their foundation formula is light, airy on the skin and smells beautiful. I love feeling like I am wearing nothing on my skin and La Mer's foundation feels exactly like that. For those who like more coverage, you could add more layers of foundation, however I have not tried this so I can't guarantee what look it would give. While on the pricer side, (30ml costs $200!), this product is truly beautiful and performs exactly how it is marketed "weightless coverage and a long-wearing finish, infused with a nourishing blend of skin-loving ingredients to hydrate and heal."

The Verdict: It's a big tick for me although I use it sparely due to the price tag. I wouldn't want to be buy this one often.


Flowerbomb Nectar by Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar Lei Lady Lei Blog

Viktor & Rolf's original Flowerbomb scent was always a bit much for me so when they approached me to try their new season Flowerbomb Nectar I was intrigued to smell the difference. With Flowerbomb’s unmistakable floral identity, Nectar has a more intense smokey and metallic edge which I love, it's quite addictive.

The Verdict: While the scent is heady, overall it is too sweet and overpowering for my taste. Those who love the original or who have the ultimate sweet tooth, you will LOVE this new scent. Are you an original Flowerbomb lover?

La Vie est Belle by Lancôme

Lancome La Vie Est Belle Perfume Lei Lady Lei

This is a new fragrance by Lancôme called La Vie Est Belle. Candy sweet and mixed with lashings of patchouli, this feminine perfume packs a punch (in a good way if you love super sweet fragrances!). I sprayed this in the room when I received it and the smell lingered hours later.

The Verdict: While not for everyone, if you love strong sweet scents that announce you when you enter the room, if you’re a fan of Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb, and enjoy the scents of iris, jasmine, and orange blossom then this is the perfume for you. It's too sweet for me I'm afraid.


Lancome Pearl Glow Serum

Lancôme Genifique Light Pearl Glow Serum

I am a fan of Lancôme's Genifique Advanced Serum for the face. The formula is amazing. So when Lancôme sent me Genifique Light Pearl Glow Serum for the eyes to trial, I knew it would be good. It’s super fresh when it comes out of the bottle, almost as if it’s been in the fridge. I love the applicator which is in the shape of a ball to massage the eye area. I’ve found the massaging and the chilled formula helps to reduce puffiness under the eyes. 

The Verdict: I love this product, highly recommend it especially if you're a fan of their other skincare.

Nerium Skincare Lei Lady Lei

Age IQ Day and Night creams by Nerium

I have previously tried Nerium's day and night creams and have loved them. Nerium's skincare addresses discolouration, age spots and skin tone. Their most advanced range Age IQ Day Cream and Age IQ Night Cream, has been released and for the last two weeks I have been solely using this. It's the only true way to see the results. Each morning and night I mix 1-2 pumps into either my day cream or night cream with the Nerium IlumaBoost Brightening and Shield Serum which brightens and hydrates the skin using ingredients including Vitamin C and Green Tea.

With a slightly heavier consistency than their previous creams, both the day and the night leave the skin feeling soft and supple. The night cream seems to pull the skin in leaving the face tighter, which to me feels like it's doing its job.

The Verdict: It's hard to tell from only a few weeks but from first use, I am really enjoying this product and my skin is responding well.

I recommend trying their Eye-V Moisture Boost Patches. They're my favourite eye masks for instantly plumping the eye area. I use this before every event.

Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm by Clinique

Clinique Take the Day Off

Take the day off cleansing balm from @clinique_oz is my favourite way to remove my make-up each day. It leaves your face feeling moisturised rather than being shed of all oils and moisture. 

The Verdict: I love it, it’s a brilliant invention, a definite must-have to the beauty routine. So yes, it's as good as everyone says it is!

Tatcha The Essence

Tatcha Mecca Lei Lady Lei Blog

The Essence by Tatcha is a heavenly plumping hydration and a blend of Japanese superfoods in an oil-free essence. Recommended for all skin types, anti-ageing, uneven texture, fine lines and wrinkles, it works to smooth the skin using natural ingredients including Uji Green Tea, Okinawa Mozuku Algae and Akita Rice. I apply a palmful of the essence to my skin after cleansing and before putting anything else on my face.

The Verdict: This product has really improved the hydration and pumping in my face. As with the La Mer, I would use sparingly due to the cost.


Klorane Dry Shampoo

Klorane Dry Shampoo

I have tried so many brands of dry shampoo and Klorane is always the one I go back to. It refreshes the hair perfectly after the gym or before after-work drinks and it adds volume when you need it. I wash my hair once a week and use dry shampoo in between washes. Klorane's shampoo and conditioner range is also worth a try if you need to change up your hair routine. 

The Verdict: It's a lifesaver on bad hair days! A must-have for every beauty kit.

If you would like to hear about specific products on the blog let me know!

Lei xx