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The Sartorialist

I have always preferred winter dressing. The layers, shoes and accessories all come together in harmony to create the perfect outfit. In summer it's difficult to look as 'put together' with a light dress or cut off denim shorts and a t-shirt. It's too warm for layering and lots of accessories. The hot days and balmy nights call for sandals or thongs rather than towering heels and boots. However in saying that, I am loving the blast-from-the-past summer option; Jelly Bean shoes. Yes, they've made a brilliant and oh so practical comeback! Anyway back to winter dressing...

Here in Perth the winter is almost non-existent, compared with Melbourne and New York City. A light cardigan or blazer and a pair of ballet flats are sufficient to keep Perth's light winter chill off. But when in a place where the chill is more on the frigid side, you will find me sporting the girl-meets-boy fashion trend. Usually in a Trilby hat, together with a buttoned shirt, done all the way up, an oversized blazer, loose fitting jeans and loafers or boots.

At Fashion Week, the masculine look can be seen on women everywhere. This strong style has a demanding presence and it's comfortable, a definite winning factor as practicality goes far when darting from show to show. No cab-to-curb heels to totter around in ladies, this men style dress is worn with sneakers, easy to wear chunky pumps or heeled booties, a great way to bring lady edge to the masculine suiting, not to mention sex appeal.

Here are some looks to get you inspired. Go ahead and try it ...If it's cold enough outside!

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 Emelie Johansson, stylist for Danish magazine Cover by The Sartorialist.

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Glamour Mag, February 2011


Yasmin Sewell (left) by The Sartorialist


Italian stylist Ada Kokosar by The Sartorialist

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Photo of me by Tavi Gevinson from the Style Rookie

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