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Tens, an uplifting tint on life

Imagine if everyday life could have a Valencia-esque tint (an Instagram reference, if you weren't aware) and everywhere you looked made you smile. Well Tens sunglasses does just that.

When I first put them on driving, I couldn't stop grinning. The dull freeway turned into a warmly lit dream road and the industrial buildings on either side looked like award-winning photos ready to be shot. Everywhere I looked was beautiful.

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Perth, you beauty!

I have been living in Perth, Western Australia for six months. Everyday I'm wowed by how gorgeous this place is. Perth has everything on offer; the beach, the weather, the food, the bars and even Chanel opened up in the CBD last year (finally, after spending seven years searching for the right location!).

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À la plage by Gray Malin

Having just come back from a weekend at the beach in The Hamptons, I was captivated by these coastal aerial shots from young US photographer Gray Malin. The 26-year-old captured these amazing images by shooting from a low flying doorless helicopter. I love the contrast between the throng of people on the beach and the bare deep blue sea. How from above the beach looks so different. How the crowds make for interesting, colourful, beautiful pictures.

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