Farfetch: Unfollow

Turn your back on the #selfie and join the #unfollowers. @Farfetch #Farfetch #ootd #personalstyle

Turn your back on the #selfie and join the #unfollowers. @Farfetch #Farfetch #ootd #personalstyle

When Farfetch announced they were launching the #Unfollowers campaign, I eagerly jumped on board. It celebrates the innovators, the rule breakers and the true individuals of the world.

In my early twenties, I started to move away from fashion trends. I realised that not all suited me, so as a result my own style began to develop. While I am not completely out there with my fashion, I like to push boundaries in my own way. I love interesting silhouettes and textiles and I invest in classic pieces that last season to season. Trends come and go and I've decided I don't want to look like everyone else, ultimately I want to look like myself.

Why don't you turn your back on the selfie become an #unfollower.

For Fashion Lovers. Not Followers. Unfollow.

Here is the first #Unfollowers film. The subject is an iconic male model, actor and dancer. He tells his own story of being an Unfollower.

Lei xx