Autumn Colour: Dried Herb

I love when the season begins to change in Australia. Maybe it's because I'm from Melbourne, but I believe outfits become more interesting when cooler weather sets in. 

It's exciting when the Autumn Winter fashion collections hit the stores and with them the new season colours, the hues that everyone will be wearing that season. 

When the 2015 Pantone Fall colours were revealed, I knew I needed some Dried Herb 17-0627 in my life (yes, that is the name of the colour). This olive green shade has moved away from being associated as a safari or military colour, and moved into more wearable and sophisticated territory. It's easily paired with neutrals, denim and pastels that it's hard not to love. 

I think everyone needs some Dried Herb in their life.

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Lei xx

Photos by Nadine Pougnet.