7 Ways To Master Parisian Chic

Streets of Melbourne Jacinta James Lei lady Lei

That certain...Je ne sais quoi; a pleasing quality you cannot quite put your finger on. Parisian women are known for it. They stand out from the crowd. Not just because of how they dress, but because they exude intelligence, confidence, style and sophistication.

There are ways to achieve your own je ne sais quoi by following some of the things French women do. Keep reading to find out how to master Parisian chic.

1. Parisians dress according to their figure. Clothes are meant to make us look beautiful, not the other way around. Embrace your shape and wear what suits.

2. Be resistant to trends. Parisians prefer classic over trends. Do the same and you'll find your wardrobe lasts longer.

3. Wear minimal makeup and let your natural beauty shine through. Parisians focus on either lips or eyes, not both. They often use French pharmacy brands such as Nivea and La Roche Posay. No need to spend hundreds on products, these drugstore buys often work just as well.

4. Keep your outfit simple. Pair pants with a silk shirt and accessorise with only one piece of jewellery, hat or headscarf. Less is more when it comes to Parisian styling.

5. Pair denim jeans with your favourite heels for a night out. Parisians live in denim, dressing them both up and down.

Streets of Melbourne Jacinta James Lei lady Lei

6. Indulge in what you enjoy. You do not find Parisians cutting out certain food groups because they read about it in a magazine. They enjoy a Pain au Chocolat for breakfast or a glass of wine with lunch because they want to. As things are enjoyed in moderation, you rarely find Parisians overindulging.

7. Appreciate the small things. Do as French women do and see the beauty in simplicity. Trial their easy beauty routine: moisturiser, a swipe of mascara and red lipstick. Or find joy in small and simple details; a cup of espresso, a spritz of perfume or a bouquet of flowers. They enjoy every meal, seated at a cafe or restaurant with friends or colleagues. You never see them eat on the go. They spend money on quality pieces but fewer of them. Life can be a lot more enjoyable if we appreciate the small things.

Jacinta James Lei Lady Lei
Jacinta James Lei Lady Lei

Learn to embrace your unique qualities, dress to suit your shape, keep your make-up natural, eat what you want when you want and enjoy the little things. Do these and you may find you manifest your own je ne sais quoi.

Lei xx

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