A Spotlight on Red

LeiLeiClavey_Bec and Bridge Dress

Its popularity has grown in the last few years. We’ve seen it shift from the outskirts of hippy-dippy straight into the action of mainstream media. What am I referring to you wonder? I’m talking about astrology.

I haven't written about it before on the blog, as I know many people are on the fence about the topic. But I get a kick out of reading my horoscope. No, I don’t believe every word it says. Nor do I follow it religiously. But I enjoy the fact that sometimes it helps to put situations or emotions into perspective.

Since October 5th we have been in Venus Retrograde. Mercury in retrograde, yes we’ve all heard of that one. But Venus? The planet associated with romance? We are all in for a ride with this one. At least until November 16, 2018 when things should go back to normal…

I have felt it ten fold. Though I had nothing to explain the strange occurrences until this article was shared with me and I found out about the Venus retrograde. You may have felt it too. Past lovers or ex-friends walking back into your life after years of not seeing them? Are you feeling particularly introspective thinking about how you live your life and want to live going forward? Or emotions are at an all time high?

This is the perfect time for you to think about your life and relationships, to step back and regain perspective. While you may not believe in horoscopes, and perhaps you have not felt any of what I mentioned above in your own life, it is still good to think about you and what you want. Have a regroup with yourself and ask yourself these questions: am I happy where I am now, would I change anything, if so what? Have I set goals? Am I on the right path to reach my goals?

We do this in our jobs all the time. We set short-term and long term goals, have performance reviews to assess progress and then act to make the necessary improvements and changes. But do you do this in your personal life? Time moves by at such a rapid pace that I know I hardly ever have the time. Only if I go on holiday, am prompted by the time of year, usually the approaching new year or if I am at breaking point do I do a review. Though the latter is not the best time to do the reassessment as you are more likely to make a quick break than act thoughtfully. At least I know that is true of myself.

So to conclude, there is no better time than the present to ask yourself if you are happy where you are at, what changes you would like to make and are you on the path to reaching your goals.

Lei Lei Clavey Bec and Bridge
Lei Lei Clavey Bec and Bridge
Lei Lei Clavey Bec and Bridge
Lei Lei Clavey Bec and Bridge

The outfit

I thought this Bec & Bridge dress was fitting for a personal post. Wear red, the colour of Mars, to balance out the haunting influence of Venus this month. Cue the eye rolls.

I have been searching for this specific dress for a while, unfortunately it is a past season style for those who are interested in purchasing so a difficult one to find but there are plenty of this vintage wrap style around. Here are some other gorgeous dresses below so have a browse.

Lei xx

Photography by Lauren Drzewucki