6 Steps to a Happier Life

I have always been one for positive thinking and optimism in creating a happy life. Luck, hard work and good timing has worked in getting me to the places I have wanted to go but I also have followed the steps below which all have contributed in making my life a very happy one. I hope these points might help you too.

How to live a happier life Lei Lady Lei Blog
How to live a happier life Lei Lady Lei Blog
How to live a happier life Lei Lady Lei Blog
How to live a happier life Lei Lady Lei Blog

Six steps to live a happier life

1. Write things down

Journalling has helped me so much over the years. Whenever I'm going over and over a situation in my head, rather than venting to the closest person, I write it down. It magically takes all the bottled up emotions out of me and onto the page. Try it, it really works to release tension. Read more about why journalling is so good here.

2. Exercise is power for the body and mind

Don't love the gym? That's fine, find a type of exercise you enjoy and give it your all. I signed up to a gym with classes late last year, and I have found the routine I love. On Monday and Friday mornings at 6am I do a 30 minute high internal training classes called HIIT and GRIT Strength, which uses weights. It makes me get up early and brings the heart rate up but is over before I know it.

I signed up for adult ballet classes at The Australian Ballet studios. I danced when I was younger so getting back into it is an absolute joy. I may not be as flexible or strong as I was dancing 12 hours weeks in my teenage years, but the feeling of dancing again is wonderful and a great work out. They also have beginner classes if you don't have a ballet background but wish to pick it up. 

I have also started pilates reformer at Love Athletica in Hawthorn (pictured here). It works well alongside ballet to strengthen and lengthen the body. Yoga is another love of mine. I became more involved while living in New York and had the opportunity to take classes from some of the best yoga teachers. I learnt a lot there and have maintained my practise back in Australia. Yoga does wonders for calming a racing mind and ease tension in the body.

3. Make time for you

I'm an extrovert so I need interaction to fuel my energy, however I need my own space to regenerate from time to time. I use me-time to plan out my blog, regroup on my goals or to simply read to take my mind off things altogether.

4. Say 'no' to things you don't want to do

Following on from the point above, don't say yes to everything just because it will please your friends. Ask yourself, do I want to do that? The answer will be clear.

5. Be in control of your finances

Money is one thing in life that can cause insurmountable amounts of stress. Only in recent years have I felt like I am more in control of my spending. Now I can safely say I'm spending wisely throughout the month, often saying no to things I would have loved to do, all so I can save for more important events or purchases. In the important bucket are a trip to New Zealand for my best friend's wedding, another trip to Mauritius for my other best friend's wedding, a house deposit (very important!) and a pair of Chanel slingback heels (less important but something I have been saving for for a while). Read about my financial resolution here.

6. Be optimistic

I know it's easy for me to say when I am an optimistic person by nature but life really is better when you look on the bright side. When you find yourself complaining or being negative, stop yourself. Elizabeth Gilbert in her podcast Magic Lessons, says "Listening to someone complaining is never interesting" and I couldn't think of anything more true. When I complain I know it's boring, so imagine what my audience must think!

Another point I live by is believing in yourself. Think of where you want to go, what you want to achieve, put in the hard work and you will get there. A lot of airy-fairy people, blogs and books speak about the universe but I believe in it and how powerful it can be. It all comes back to believing in yourself and a goal and it will work out in one way or another.

And the last thing I will leave you on is don't rely on anyone else to make you happy, only you can do that.

Lei xx