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Umbra Collective: Jasmine Nash | The Modern Bride

This is the first of a few posts on the Umbra Collective student runway that I attended last week.

First up is Jasmine Nash's collection The Modern Bride. 


Inspired by nature, Jasmine Nash's bridal collection borrows the textures and voluminous silhouettes from the veiled lady mushroom. Created for the modern bride as the name suggests, the collection is full of contemporary wedding dresses with a difference. Each piece is intricately layered, embellished and pleated.

When I saw this gorgeous collection on the runway, it made me really excited to get married. Cost aside, how many wedding dresses would be too many for my big night...

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Millbrook Winery

Yesterday my man and I visited the gorgeous Millbrook Winery located in the historic town of Jarrahdale, sixty minutes south-east of Perth, Western Australia. Rolling hills and jarrah forests, the picturesque Chestnut Farm, on which the winery is situated, dates back to the nineteenth century when the original owner planted an orchard and the first grapevines in 1860.

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