I stumbled across MYDEERFOX where one finds most things these days - Instagram. The Auckland based accessories design project was founded by Lisa Li. She creates minimalistic leather handbags and accessories but not in any ordinary way; each piece is put together with screws and bolts.

I interviewed Lisa to find out a bit more about MYDEERFOX and the girl behind the brand.

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your background. 

I hold a fashion degree but I am not a big fan of sewing. I looked for alternative ways just so I could avoid sewing in my last year of fashion school. I now make bags, but I am rarely seen carrying them as I tend to just hold my phone, wallet and keys in my hand. 

How did you become interested in accessories and leather goods? 

I got into leather, in particular working with the veg-tan, because of the potential for creating interesting shapes such as the diamond bag, the prism bag, etc. The idea of assembling something has always fascinated me. I found my playground in leather accessories.

What is your trademark and how did you discover it?

I am not sure if this qualifies as a trademark but I work with the idea of assembling bags and accessories with screws and bolts. [It all started] because, as I previously mentioned, I avoided sewing. I was interested in exploring a different system of fashion production, which I have only lightly scratched the surface of.

What is an average day for you?

At the moment everything is very hands-on. From the making, to personally talking to the customers. It is very hectic but it is also where the magic happens. To get to know every step of the way and develop wonderful relationships [is special].

What is your advice for someone starting their own business?

I am still in need of advice myself! There is never going to be a one advice fits all in this situation. 

I think we need to be reflective of who we are, our goals and visions. This is a continuous process. It will change and evolve and there are no right or wrongs as long as we are making decisions and feel true to ourselves.

Is there anything else you would like people to know about MyDeerFox?

We will let curiosity take care of that. 

Thank you Lisa Li for the interview.

I would highly recommend jumping onto MYDEERFOX and checking out the range for yourself.

Lei xx