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4 Tips to Travelling in Style + A Competition!

When it comes to travelling, style often flies out the window. Personally, I try to remain stylish while away, you never know when an Instagrammable moment might pop up. But the struggle is real.

While I'm not always the best example of style on holidays *cue the same outfit every day for a week*, click through to read my four tips to travelling in style. Plus, your chance to WIN 1 of 3 luggage bags from Lipault!

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6 Style Lessons I Learnt from Living in New York City

You will have seen me write countless times on the blog how New York City changed my style. Perhaps I was exposed in my formative style years (23-25 years-old). Or perhaps because I was away from all I knew - friends, family, home - that I took in everything I saw and wasn't afraid to be and dress as who I wanted to be.

Whether you have experienced New York or not, here are 8 style lessons the big apple taught me that might inspire your style too.

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The Art of Customisation

Individual style has finally overtaken the desire to 'blend in'. Not so long ago, 'normcore' was the king of the trends. A style of dressing which involved deliberately choosing unremarkable or unfashionable casual clothes in the effort to look, well, bland. But then a much needed cool change hit the air. Everyone suddenly wished to make an outfit their own, to bring out their personality in their look. From monogrammed leather goods to customised embroidery on denim jackets, everyone wanted to showcase a slice of themselves to their appearance.

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