CoLAB Festival 2014

CoLAB Festival is what every festival should be like. Sweet tunes played while friends danced, couples chilled out on the grass with a beer in hand and delicious smells wafted from the food trucks. Held at University of Western Australia, this boutique sized event was the brainchild of WA locals; from the music industry, creatives, foodies and UWA clubs to the talented musicians that performed on the day. Presented by triple j, and The Music, CoLAB festival was the best way to welcome the summer.

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Zenith Fashion Graduate Showcase 2014

December is the best time of the year. Not just because it's Christmas, but because it's the time for graduate fashion shows.

I love watching what the students create. When it comes to Curtin University's Zenith fashion graduate's showcase, words are unnecessary, each collection speaks for themselves. Here is a selection of my favourites.

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Lei Lady Lei x Clique Arcade Style Guide

Recently I teamed up with Clique Arcade to do a Style Guide feature for their e-news. Take a look!

Welcome to the Clique Style Guides, an exclusive insight into independent Australian fashion. The trends, styling advice and what to wear when nothing is working - curated and written by the best bloggers and stylists from around Australia straight into your inbox.

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What's On: December '14

November was a whirlwind of events, fun and laughter but today we begin the last month of the year; December. I cannot believe we're almost through 2014, soon to begin 2015!

So what is on in December:

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Darlings Supper Club, new beginnings

I enjoyed Darlings Supper Club the first time around but my recent visit was outstanding. 

The Darlings menu has changed to incorporate more Asian cuisines into their fusion menu and they have a new Head Chef, Joel Roberts, who's working wonders in the kitchen. ‘The Chopper' joins the team fresh from Iron Chef Thailand, and from South Korea Sashimi King Youngwoo slices and dices the fresh sashimi around.

The food really does speak for itself, there's something for every food lover here at Darlings! I recommend you try it for yourself!

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Umbra Collection: Rosemaree White

Rosemaree White's collection is for women who dress to be noticed.

Rosemaree White's collection at Umbra Collective Student Runway was a standout and therefore deserved its own blog post.

White's pieces are sophisticated, feminine, dark and seductive. Inspired by decorative and intensely detailed nouveau windows and glassware, she designs for women who dress to be noticed.

Full of embellishments, the elegant silhouettes and lines are to-die-for. It would be a dream to own a piece of her collection.

Watch out for Rosemaree White, she is sure to go places.

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Umbra Collective: Jasmine Nash | The Modern Bride

This is the first of a few posts on the Umbra Collective student runway that I attended last week.

First up is Jasmine Nash's collection The Modern Bride. 


Inspired by nature, Jasmine Nash's bridal collection borrows the textures and voluminous silhouettes from the veiled lady mushroom. Created for the modern bride as the name suggests, the collection is full of contemporary wedding dresses with a difference. Each piece is intricately layered, embellished and pleated.

When I saw this gorgeous collection on the runway, it made me really excited to get married. Cost aside, how many wedding dresses would be too many for my big night...

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Tens, an uplifting tint on life

Imagine if everyday life could have a Valencia-esque tint (an Instagram reference, if you weren't aware) and everywhere you looked made you smile. Well Tens sunglasses does just that.

When I first put them on driving, I couldn't stop grinning. The dull freeway turned into a warmly lit dream road and the industrial buildings on either side looked like award-winning photos ready to be shot. Everywhere I looked was beautiful.

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A Beauty Minute with Mettā Skincare

When Anca, the founder of Mettā Skincare, asked me to try her line of natural products, I knew it was my kind of skincare. Using 100% natural ingredients and created with environmental and social consciousness in mind, Mettā left my skin feeling amazing.

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